Floor & Décor Design Consultancy

Who We Are

Established 2019 as a subsidiary of JFC Builders which has been in business for the past 40yrs. Holtz bespoke flooring design is a specialized company undertaking inlays, floor designs and repairs in most hardwood floors; including laminate. We can design inlays, names, logos into most floors for personal and commercial facilities. We also undertake bespoke carpentry.


Unlike most companies when it comes to floor repairs, we rarely use fillers, putties, waxes. Our method is with our worlds first handheld cnc machine (computer numeric control). Using a special domino tape, laid on to the floor; the cnc machine will scan the area and proceed to cut/pocket out the damaged area. We then design and machine a plug or shape and this will be inserted where the damaged area was. This inlay can be designed to match and follow the grain of most wood floors without the need for fillers. Please visit our gallery for photos and video samples on the type of work we undertake.


We don’t only do floors, we also undertake bespoke design splashbacks for kitchens, bathroom/wet room. Please contact us for your specific requirements and designs.

On our bespoke joinery side, we undertake and manufacture personalised children’s chairs, toy boxes, candle holders; to name but a few.  We are here to help. If you have a specific request please contact us.

Interesting to Know

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